The Machine

A boot made for stamping down
is built into our brain
So we made a machine for rationing out
The feeling of inflicting pain
There’ll always be a job
Separating sheep from goats
After all, it’s easier to beat and rob
somebody you don’t know.

The smoke of yesterday
moves into the night
You lie back with your cigarette
Everything feels alright
Some people’s lives are broken
and they got no place to go
But no point shedding too many tears,
They’re someone you don’t know.

A life spent enjoying privilege
Moves into the past
In an ivory basement your parents rent
To your bloviating ass
You write out several thousand words
Spelling your demands
Banging a drum cos you’re deaf and dumb
and impossible to understand

Yeah you’re so fucking afraid to die
Yeah you’re so fucking afraid to die
Yeah you’re so fucking afraid to die

…This is being recorded next week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Dear fearmongering media personalities, news corporations and bloggers,

I have a friend who was just released a fortnight ago from a month in mental hospital. He has had untreated schizoaffective disorder for a long time, though now it is now responding well to the right medication.

He has a message for you.

Remember Harold Shipman?

The most prolific and dangerous lone mass murderer in history, who killed over 250 victims?

He was a doctor. Born in Nottingham too, funnily enough, just like me.

Stop blaming mass murder on schizophrenia. Stop blaming it on aspergers. Stop blaming it on godlessness or gunlessness, or whatever you decide is most politically repulsive to you.

My parents committed me last month because my mind was disintegrating, and I trusted them and went along with it. Remember what the mother of the asshole in Connecticut was about to do when he went ballistic? Of course you do. You reported it to me.

Fear is the opposite of trust, and if I had been fed a lifelong diet of damaging and insidious information by well-paid demagogues who wanted to channel my fear of ‘the other’ into political power, things might have ended up very differently. People who are very fearful tend to become violent, after all.

Be grateful I knew better than to listen to you, you greedy, amoral anachronisms, you tight-lipped superficial oafs. Go now to the land of wind and ghosts and stop hurting humanity.

Here’s a bonus link from me, by way of bo-news: “I wish I’d murdered the gunman when he was a teenager”

I feel this is relevant, even on a blog mostly about philosophy. Share it if you want.

You are not alone.

When a person believes they are alone, they do terrible things to themselves and to the society around them. They hate society because it is a symbol of togetherness that they think is arbitrarily denied them. They may even lash out at society. Sometimes they destroy themselves like a roman candle. Sometimes, it is far worse.

Now listen here, you.

    Some people are paid (not especially well, but it is their civic duty) to help people who are alone. Social workers. Nurses. Coaches. Teachers. Even people behind the bar, but The Bar has a rarified atmosphere and you might well end up with more problems than you bargained for there. So go there only after you’ve spoken with the teachers.
    Some people run clubs for people who are all interested in the same thing. Sometimes the clubs are called Teams, and they play football. Sometimes they’re called Militias and they play Cowboys and Indians or something, iunno. But there’s clubs for everyone.
    Some people run churches, where people can be together and help each other. Sometimes those Churches are horrible and devastatingly fatuous, abusive or unworthy. Sometimes they are alright. Sometimes the churches can have different names, like ‘Mosque’ or ‘Temple’. Sometimes they are humble Synagogues in terraced houses. Sometimes they are humanist centres of togetherness. Sometimes they are Hindu or Sikh, sometimes Jain, sometimes the Quaker houses hold meetings for the Society of Friends on one night and then have some chakra-healing yoga goddess renting the space to teach her class on the next. And they don’t feel hypocritical, because the Quakers, at least, know that God is Love.

I have no answers for you, if you feel alone. I am an internet stranger. So you must be brave. Most people can suffer hardship while they are going through hell. The places above might be able to help you.

Just remember, You are not alone.