My position on the universe.

I’ve been impressed with how diverse my audience is. I’ve also been making subscriptions to people who interest me – and not always people I agree with. And I’ve started commenting when I see something I don’t think is right, which might easily be viewed as combative.

So for the sake of fairness I’m going to lay out where I stand.

I conjecture that:
– Everything that is not explicitly prohibited happens.
– Experiencing infinity is prohibited.

Certain physical laws like conservation of momentum drop neatly out of these conjectures – after all, with a perpetual motion machine you would eventually be able to extract limitless energy. More complicated and deep statements like the Penrose conjecture can also be inferred. The first also demands that a universe exist, and is also compatible with several ideas from quantum mechanics, specifically the infinite contributions to the path integral, and the idea of virtual particles making up vacuum energy. The two principals also suggest which set of mathematical axioms can be used to derive physical laws in observable reality.

The other interesting thing about these two is that it states nothing about universes in which infinities are allowed, only that no conscious mind can experience them. It may make sense to think of our observed universe as the one among many that has physical laws disallowing infinities. The other universes might have different laws of physics, but they will be forever beyond the reach of our senses.

We are surrounded at all times by a foaming sea of particles which exist for no other reason than that they can vanish once again before we would be able to resolve the individually. These pairs of particles are uncaused and have equal positive and negative energies for their matter and antimatter parts. It is not hard for me to believe that the universe – in which the matter-energy seems to precisely balance out the gravitational potential energy – works the same way, as an uncaused event needing no excuse to emerge from nothingness. In the last ten years cosmologists have been narrowing down the error margins on estimates for the absolute amount of matter and energy in the universe, and their results increasingly suggest that our universe has zero total energy. Though this will never become a firm conclusion thanks to limited experimental resolution, for me it is at least suggestive.

It is in these terms that I not only reject the hypothesis of a conscious being external to the universe that in some way made humanity and who seeks a personal connection with them, but I advance an alternative that I feel is thusfar borne out by practical experimentation and physical experience. And I say with grim confidence that the universe does not love or even recognize us, that our minds are alien to its, and the only justice in the universe is the justice we discover in ourselves and enforce. Our meek achievements as a species, given this backdrop and upbringing, are in my opinion remarkable. I feel very strongly that it doesn’t make sense discussing human morality in the context of the universe’s nature and fate.

Do you think I am lost? Or incomprehensible? Or merely confused? I’ve been accused of worse. Let me know what you think.

You are not alone.

When a person believes they are alone, they do terrible things to themselves and to the society around them. They hate society because it is a symbol of togetherness that they think is arbitrarily denied them. They may even lash out at society. Sometimes they destroy themselves like a roman candle. Sometimes, it is far worse.

Now listen here, you.

    Some people are paid (not especially well, but it is their civic duty) to help people who are alone. Social workers. Nurses. Coaches. Teachers. Even people behind the bar, but The Bar has a rarified atmosphere and you might well end up with more problems than you bargained for there. So go there only after you’ve spoken with the teachers.
    Some people run clubs for people who are all interested in the same thing. Sometimes the clubs are called Teams, and they play football. Sometimes they’re called Militias and they play Cowboys and Indians or something, iunno. But there’s clubs for everyone.
    Some people run churches, where people can be together and help each other. Sometimes those Churches are horrible and devastatingly fatuous, abusive or unworthy. Sometimes they are alright. Sometimes the churches can have different names, like ‘Mosque’ or ‘Temple’. Sometimes they are humble Synagogues in terraced houses. Sometimes they are humanist centres of togetherness. Sometimes they are Hindu or Sikh, sometimes Jain, sometimes the Quaker houses hold meetings for the Society of Friends on one night and then have some chakra-healing yoga goddess renting the space to teach her class on the next. And they don’t feel hypocritical, because the Quakers, at least, know that God is Love.

I have no answers for you, if you feel alone. I am an internet stranger. So you must be brave. Most people can suffer hardship while they are going through hell. The places above might be able to help you.

Just remember, You are not alone.