These rules used to be way too long.

    Zeroth rule. Do not post any personally identifying information. Do not repeat personal info or dox that may already have been released. Do not threaten to do so. You oaf.
    First, I will ban anyone who says anything overtly racist, homophobic or sexist. If you say something that may be interpreted like this, I will patiently explain why or point you to a resource which I expect you to internalize. If you are a white male with a fedora, you may think I am being unreasonable. If so, write and tell me why. I may put you in a gallery like these people do, but I may respond!
    Second, don’t be a prick.

Suggestions: Don’t worry about spelling things wrong. If you like, you can write in a language other than English. Though I may not understand, please make it easy (and worth people’s while to translate). Please ask earnest physics questions, and you may get earnest and clear answers or even a link to helpful websites. Do ask me about myself, because I love to write fiction; it is very therapeutic. Do show me things that you have made. Or can make. Like this or this.


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