These websites each remind me of something I admire in their own way. Some are famous, some unfamous, some infamous.

Unamommer, Bitterly and Plinkett all have sensible senses of humour and finely honed reviewing skills.

A rare (and very brave) hacker who deserves to be noted.

A painter of paint who can also make you a website, if you ask nicely and pay her.

An American ex-paratrooper who writes and paints a variety of subjects, including bicycle racing, advice for Americans living in Europe, and Buddhism. He has published an excellent science fiction novel.

Constantly updated review papers on many topics in gravitational physics. Published by the AEI-MPG.

A Gorilla has witty adventures.

The blog of a long suffering lover of the world.

A podcast where they read things from the internet.

A vagrant appears and draws the attention of an artist.

A news aggregator with all the stories it is safe to read.

A bitter memorial for Sonic the Hedgehog. Includes forum.

A professor in Colorado who simulates black holes.

The twitter feed of an important judge.

I could copy many things here, but this will do for now.


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