Happily anonymous

Something that comforts me is how non-notorious I am, and how nice it is that no-one torments me or will take advantage of the fact that they know my name. How I have managed to be so foolish and eccentric and brisant, yet not accumulated any enemies that I haven’t then made into friends.

I am happily anonymous in a sea of scary, brilliant and kind people, all just as mere and unnoticed as I. My nickname was chosen out of necessity, but it can be discarded and I’d still be myself.

This is quite an important thing to bear in mind and take comfort from. Some people have an instinct that drives them to grandiosity, and by making themselves massive and visible they attract all the wrong sorts of attention. Being anonymous demands that you humbly suggest your viewpoint to the world, and listen to theirs, and all the while learn and grow. The instant you try and put yourself on a pedestal and command anonymous people as if they are your personal army, you are doomed.

In some places you will be merely doomed to embarrassment. In others you will be doomed to arrest and torture. Beware.


4 thoughts on “Happily anonymous

  1. I hope that need disappears for you. Denial of constitutional rights is an ugly thing. If you are USA citizen the 14th amendment should have eliminated your need.

    • I hear (and I can quite easily believe) that in America, people who blog about politics or their workplace, say, can find themselves suddenly unemployed, particularly if they take a pro-labor position. That’s just one example of the the 14th protecting you from prison but not from financial coercion. Always there is a way for the oligarchs to harm people who are merely acting in the self-interest of themselves and their neighbors.

      Still, the 14th is better than nothing.

      • It is better then nothing but why would you settle for just better then nothing? Did you really? I would say in your post you didn’t. Why would you wish less in the laws that protect it? If you don’t settle for less, then the protection needs to be more.

        Has far as keeping any from the law, prison. That in itself is the start of obstruction. The law is nothing but print with power. It is owned by all.

        Work to keep it, without prejudice, then you obstruct justice becoming the criminal yourself. Why the law was kept from the person is the conspiracy being hid.
        If the enforceable law is mis-interrupted by bias, then the one that mis- interpreted and applied the mis-interrupted is the guilty. That is why we have judicial failure everywhere. Judges provided court orders, enforceable everywhere that were wrong or the whole power not applied well.

        I do understand that the government has allowed New World Orders to use labor, especially high paid labor to gain, fund their ways in the blocks of the pyramid. This to use government and their people to get their way. They made slaves of any they could, and fame was no exception here. I am very aware of a broader definition of slavery. Simply deals made to power, that orders should have never exploited. The slave in all has been brutally exploited and governments everywhere allowed it.

        The only cure to this is to see why power corrupts and then place it well so it can’t. The power was in they could because all the bricks in every governments pyramid, or arches in the Royal cases, had enforcement power. There are so many that the checks and balances needed can’t possibly be paid for.

        People must understand enforceable power. What gets enforced and what doesn’t. Power in itself anybody can own. Enforceable power corrupts. So remove the enforceable power from the bricks of the pyramid or the arches of the palace, and all can be seen coming that can’t harm.

        Then private finances are protected more. You only have one to watch. Those bricks on the pyramids, those arches all leading to countless agency’s of enforceable power with tax money to be had, the endless flow, hurt. Enforceable power is also in the form of limits, such as disability, and unemployment benefits.

        People really need to understand the more opportunity in government, the more those holes for corruption can emerge. However, it is not just power that corrupts, it is enforceable power. Fame has power in it but it can’t enforce the law or limit a benefit. They have enforceable deprivation power in them. Fame and business does not. They own their own choices and that is what fame, business needs protected. That simply by removing more that has enforceable law and limits that can be used to harm. That is what are in the bricks of the pyramid, the hallways of the aches, and they must all be destroyed to protect your finances as well.

        The finances of labor must have more opportunity then government (authority) does. The private labor opportunity must outweigh the government opportunity. Then you have more then just the 14th amendment. Your earnings then will have power too. There can be only one enforceable power and only one that determines the financial limits. One enforceable LAW power and self determined limits only. Any more and you are right, individual rights is all you have in the front and the back…obviously you are very familiar with that.

        Hopefully this explains that I do understand. I see more in slave and classing then most do. I may not owe anything in deals but I believe the feeling can’t be good. I have never really felt much in guilt, but not wanting to makes me believe it isn’t good for any to have to feel it.

        I learn by lesson and if its bad no one should have to live any bad. I have felt enough bad in my life in paranoia of getting caught, like shop lifting or affair. That was bad enough, worse must hurt more. If it can hurt more, it needs to be removed. Why would the sincere wish more pain on anybody? If it wan’t good in a small dose it can’t be good in a bigger one.

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