6 thoughts on “A musical message to all Receivers.

  1. You are right but with only half the treatment. You have to go out there and gave successes. Start maybe with small one but you must have successes you can claim to be your own. You are very good at communicating here. AND VERY BRAVE TOO. Braver then most. That is your success. The best thing to do is take it a little further. Maybe a group leader? Maybe just start a new family or friends tradition to do every year.

    One of the things I remember healing from my suicide attempt is what I learned and started shedding those tears and putting it into practice. When I became a victim, I went across the country and back on food stamps and ten dollars, a free bus ticket and 4 suit cases, and most times no where to go. Desperate to get away from my fear, put distance between it and me. I couldn’t do that before being a victim because being worth half a million driving in a car wasn’t enough cushion for me to trust.

    When I learned I could do it without all that money, new car, yuppie luggage, months of planning, 1000’s in cash and credit to fall back on, I started doing. I accomplished things little by little, I learned that all that material stuff I constantly cherished didn’t make my ability.

    I am not done with my legal issue yet but I still accomplished and will accomplish what I set out do do always now. Through a lot of tears recognized my weakness and self correct them and now the enemies fear or respect me.

    What happened to me is human targeting. Completely stripped of all I had including my child for no reason. Even have it all in print. Lost even legal custody of my child because her presumptive father during a divorce did better when they stripped me. The they were a lot of very powerful positions that I whistle blew on. I also created a lot of enemies along the struggle/battle against it all but I also made a lot of friends too. These friends I may never meet in person but I got their support.

    4 years ago I got what the real goal was, now we are playing and keeping them scared and in print works. But the print is very scary for people everywhere. Figure out what is important to you and start getting successful. Those successes are what is needed to cure your self esteem. Try things you may be afraid of doing within your comfort zone. You must always have the courage to demand you own comfort zone and realistic level of success.

    • You sound like someone who has been through more than I’ve had hot dinners. I’m grateful you commented and I hope my telling you my perspective is not out of order.

      The most critical and dangerous part of recovery is after a terrible crash, when you are first on new medication. A failure in your plans or in those you trust can give you enough emotional pain that you stop making rational decisions, and even stop treatment, which can lead to a cycle of destruction. You are right, it is a very good idea to start with small goals that can be easily achieved, because even a small amount of confidence in yourself can be built on. I have my plans.

      … Your experience may have felt like targeting, but when someone takes leave of their senses they can be unpredictable and terrifying. Even when the victim of illness is a good and kind person, it’s impossible to know whether they will break down during the horror, or if they will try to break others around them, so the justice system always errs on the side of caution, even when such a decision is devastating to the victim. When you’re crazy, the people closest to you will stop trusting you and a sign of perspective and recovery is that you’ll start to understand why.

      I’m lucky that I have no children. Losing a child is a terrible betrayal, the depth of which I certainly can not comprehend. But I want you someday to forgive those people, those enemies, because they were afraid – not as afraid as you might have been, but still very afraid.

      • You were not out of line telling me how you felt. If you don’t tell up front, then how is somebody to know? I respect that courage as honesty. Something we all need more of. Will I remove it? No. I will simply give you the respect of not doing it to you on your comments. Your honesty deserves it. That way of putting things is not with intend to harm but simply another way of communicating for some.

        As far as my case, it was targeting. I busted up without knowing I did simply by doing my job by policy a multi billion dollar high government position drug ring on the tax dollar.

        This was in high level of government. You don’t experience my level of targeting from people in lower levels. Forgive them? Those that earn it yes. Forget never. My new career is to make sure government and the authority we all count on never fails people again.

        A loss of hope to the point of suicide is a horrible feeling. One I would not wish on any innocent.My child is in my custody now and completely cured of her victimhood.

        Stopping the victimizing and not letting people dwell on failures, even another’s is my new carer goal. There is more life in success.

        Again, I appreciate your honesty and that can never be out of line. The only thing I ask of all that do with me is try to do it on my blog and not another’s. Can always learn from another and my learning belongs on my works.

        • Well said. I’m glad the situation has improved, and that I’ve never been anything other than unimportant and anonymous to the powers that be. And reciting failures isn’t fun for anyone, like you I’d rather tell of my successes. I’m going to start writing my work interests here and we’ll see how it goes, though I have to get some other things out of the way first.

          • Good luck to you. I think you have the success of bravery that many people lack. Honesty and admitting mistakes is part of the whole tough job of constantly growing up. I am pushing 50 and still not beyond having to grow up.

            I started writing my own quotes if you are interested. They are on my quote posts. I am Michelle K. Maybe you can help doing that too instead of the sensitive ones. I don’t do computer graphics well. Maybe you can write some and put graphics to them.

          • Reviewing my own quotes I thought of you. I made a quote by pictures with Leopards on it. I got 5 stars on this one in very little time. Pictures help. Instead of somebody else’s video, make it yours.

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