Delhi and London? Not so distant.

In Britain, less than one in a hundred rape survivors ever convicts their attacker.
In Britain, the per-capita rate of rape for the country as a whole is higher than for the city of Dehli.
In Britain, a third of girls and a sixth of boys between 13 and 18 have experienced sexual violence.

It’s easy to pontificate about the cultural reasons things are so bad in India, but in Britain they have the same problem in a different guise.

Why? Here is what I think:

In Britain, they are obsessed with sex. Absolutely obsessed with a mundane biological impulse. To paraphrase Fry, People who get obsessed with eating end up anorexic or morbidly obese. The people who get obsessed with sex? Well, the statistics speak for themselves really. Both the cities and the countryside are most definitely not safe for women.

In British culture, both women and sex with women are placed on a lofty pedestal. In the media (particularly older media, which is still regularly played) we show Manly Men as the ones who wield power in every area except one: the bedroom! Women allegedly have all the cards there, and they dress carefully in order to tease those Manly Men with their ill-gotten Womanly Wiles. I’ve seen the way some of the more unrepentant rapists operate and they never think they’ve done anything wrong. In their mind, they acted reasonably given their premise that women are the ones in control of sex. Edit: This guy is backing me up.

If you’re baffled by this kind of thinking or have learned to ignore it and prevent it seeping into your skull, then you’re probably a person who has egalitarian views on relationships. Good, reading this blog will be fairly easy for you.

If you wish instead to defend the persecuted Manly Men, or regard access to a Vagina as the sacred reward of marriage, then you’re probably also upset that the balance of power in western society is swinging away from the hardworking breadwinners and towards radical feminists who want to destroy all men. This fear of persecution by an entirely unreasoning and terrible opponent is very interesting to me, as is the desire to maintain the male’s commanding position in society. Please try to justify it morally in the comments section below.

Personally, I think it is because you are afraid. You have been made afraid by specifically designed media and the mental feedback provided by the company you keep online and in person. You are not alone, nor are you to blame. You are not stupid. You are mature and entirely reasonable.

But you are part of a system that makes our world worse in definite, palpable ways. I write this blog in part so that I can reach out and tickle the nose of people like you.


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