More questions from Toshi

I submit my answers humbly and welcome disagreement and conversation. I am no prophet, just an anonymous hd.

So, in reference to this post:

Toshi: is the truth, which you explained to me in the 1st paragraph, limited? (from your reply to my question on what is truth)
hd000: I think that in some areas our ability to understand the truth is limited. For example, Richard Nixon took many of his crimes to his grave, and we will never know what was on the tapes he erased. However in many areas it is possible to know the actual truth. In all of Mathematics and much of biology and sociology we can get the real answer if we look hard enough. We can, for example, say that without the HIV virus, AIDS would not exist – obviously an important conclusion. I do not know if truth is itself limited. I suspect we could not experience a universe where truth could be self-contradictory. I want to talk about this later on, actually.

Toshi: are there different kinds of truth? or there is an ultimate wholesome truth, and the others as minor truths or subordinates?
hd000: Well, some questions are more urgent or important than others, so they’re worth taking more time and effort to solve. But the basic process of finding the truth is usually the same – try not to fool yourself or be biased, try and be honest and patient with the universe and other people, and try and find as much good-quality evidence as feasible before you settle for an answer. There is no Ultimate Truth. Truth is not God (though of course there is the truth about God).

Toshi: are human beings equally equipped to discern the truth? or there are some ways to see it clearer?
hd000: If you can understand how two plus two can make four, you can find the truth about things. All it takes is consciousness and a willingness to spend time searching.

Toshi: subsequently the next question is, since finding truth is a process what are we trying to get at…ultimately.
hd000: To die not wanting power over the world. To neither hope to live forever nor believe it desirable, but instead to love the world and happily pass on to it your experience and material possessions. To live a decent life and die an honest death: this is the work of mankind.

We also talked about the constant danger of Guitar Thieves, but again that will have to wait.


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