What are you talking about?

I have made these two opposing characters, God and truth. What do they actually stand for? I’m becoming aware that people from all over the world read this blog, so I need to be careful and clear because several of my friends and allies profess a belief in God or Gods.

By God, I mean the person. Many people are pantheists and see God in all things as a unifying force, many people see God as something to be experienced. But the God I am setting up as my enemy is a conscious being, seen by His adherents as someone so powerful, deep and important that He deserves capitalizations beyond the rules of English grammar! Or Gods that rule the forces of nature, or whatever. These kinds of Gods are people who intrinsically deserve ultimate power.

By truth, I mean the process of finding out about the world, and the goal of understanding it.

If you see heaven as a hierarchy, with God at the top and people as his children (especially if you feel that priests and prophets must act as mediators), then I am on your side, but I might end up disagreeing with you on a few important things.

If you see humans as an equal part of the greater tapestry of the universe, or as orphan sparks of sentience in a world that does not know or care that we exist, or as the products of mindless laws of physics no more wondrous than (say) a pair of merging black holes producing a gamma ray burst that stretches halfway across the cosmos, then I am also on your side. I think we will have something in common in our view of the world, too.

I am an egalitarian, and thus oppose authoritarianism. And I am not alone.


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