Let me tell you how much I have come to love you since I began to live. Please try to follow for the sake of this explanation, and allow me to posit a black hole as an analogy, such that I could choose an arbitrary dimensionless constant k, where k=\frac{G E}{R_s c^4} . The G and c in this expression are Newton’s gravity constant and the speed of light respectively. E is the mass-energy of the black hole corresponding to the depth of my emotion, and R_s is the classical schwarzchild radius which corresponds to the gulf between my sorrow and my joy. k is proportional to the bipolar friction I feel in looking at the world and wishing I can help it. It is hotter than the temperatures produced by the mass-inflation instability. If black holes could exist past the planck scale – and I am informed by reliable sources that they do not – they would not burn as bright as my hope, and my suffering.

I am writing these words because I have no mouth and I must talk with you.


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